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About DPC

The beginning of Dorfman Production Company encompasses the classical American story of the early 20th Century and what has made this country so great. It is a story of immigrants fleeing the pogroms of Europe to find a new and better life in a free land.


The story began when Sam Y. Dorfman immigrated with his family from Ukraine in the early 1900’s. Mr. Dorfman was considered a scholar in Ukraine where he tutored children of upper class nobility. Upon coming to America he quickly learned English and began to integrate into American society, understanding that his future lay in doing things the American way and learning new skills.

Around 1930 Mr. Dorfman began his involvement in the new and unbridled oil industry by joining with another Ukrainian immigrant, Sam Sklar, and founding Louisiana Iron and Supply Company, a business that primarily dealt in pipe and metal goods for the oil industry but which also occasionally traded pipe for interests in oil and gas wells.

These two Ukrainian immigrants soon joined with an Italian immigrant, Joe Zeppa, to organize Delta Drilling Company, which grew into a world-wide drilling company with operations in the United States, South America, and Europe. It was one of the largest drilling companies in the United States at its height.

While enlarging the business of providing tubular goods to the burgeoning oil and gas production business, these entrepreneurs were also quite busy developing their own production through knowledge gained being so closely associated with the pioneers in the industry. They partnered with a number of the leading producers of oil and gas properties of the time to develop oil and gas properties across a large part of the United States.

During the early stages of development, Sam Y. Dorfman met and married Elizabeth Florsheim shortly after moving to Longview, Texas, where Louisiana Iron and Supply Company had a pipe yard and office. They had two sons, Sam Y. Dorfman, Jr. and Louis Dorfman. Mr. Dorfman also became a pillar of the community, taking an active part in many civic and charitable organizations. He worked tirelessly to help those in need, having experienced that need early in his life.

Tragically Mr. Dorfman was killed in an auto accident in 1957, whereupon the family took over the business and has continued to develop it as a legacy to their beloved father.

Initially Seymour “Bubba” Florsheim, brother of Mr. Dorfman’s wife Elizabeth, became General Manager of Dorfman Production Company, which was founded in the early 1960’s to consolidate many of the diverse properties owned by the family. Mr. Florsheim had been working for Mr. Dorfman for a number of years. The offices of the Company were moved to Dallas, Texas, in 1959.

Today the Company is being run by Sam Y. Dorfman, Jr. and Louis Dorfman and is thriving during this country’s increasing need to help meet the energy requirements of a healthy and growing economy.

The Company has producing oil and gas properties in many counties in Texas, and also has producing properties in Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, New Mexico, Ohio, and Oklahoma.

In the early 1960’s the Company became aware of a newly emerging opportunity for oil and gas production in and around the East Canton Field in Ohio and began acquiring leases and drilling a number of wells. Today the Company owns all or a large percentage in over 300 wells in the counties of Mahoning, Portage, Stark, Columbiana, and Carroll.

The Ohio operation is being ably run by Mr. Greg New, a Vice-President of the Company and a valued associate.

We welcome contacts from professional oil operators that want good partners to spread the cost and risk of their ventures.